Introducing CLEVR Mobility

Intelligent Light Electric Vehicle Solutions

CLEVR is a turnkey intelligent LEV mobility platform built for operationally efficient fleet deployment, real-time control and management, while exceeding the highest safety and regulatory standards.

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The new standard for electric Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

CLEVR is designed to responsibly solve the first/last mile issue by serving as an intelligent solution for fleet operators or by enabling cities to deploy the platform as an extension of their public transit system.

Time for cities and fleet operators to get CLEVR.

CLEVR Fleet Grade
Multi-Modal LEVs

Fleet operators and cities can flexibly deploy e-scooters, e-bikes (and future battery compatible LEVs) to offer customers flexible and universally accessible commuting options based on their needs, climate, geographic and topographic conditions.


Location & IoT Service

Precise real-time GPS tracking of vehicles in dense urban areas and where satellite is unreliable. Ability to geofence designated areas.


Battery as a Service

Eliminate the headaches of battery ownership and keep your fleet charged 24/7 at a lower cost. Safe, globally certified, smart modular battery designed to seamlessly operate both CLEVR vehicles.


Command Center

White label app for users to interact with the fleet vehicles and a cloud connected ERP that enables operators to manage their batteries & devices in real-time.

What are the
Benefits of CLEVR

CLEVR Mobility is a solution that empowers fleet operators to manage evolving regulatory expectations proactively and accurately in real-time. Cities are concerned about the costs of managing and enforcing the emerging shared mobility programs. Our platform removes undue burden from the cities and citizens and shifts from reactive enforcement to intelligent compliance. 

Operator Benefits

  • Swappable smart batteries
  • Enhanced GPS tracking capability
  • Location tracking that works in urban canyons and in areas where satellite service is unreliable
  • Users cannot ‘game the system’ due to poor location tracking
  • 2 or 3-wheel units that are designed for fleet use
  • Lower risk of users violating regulations resulting in fines
  • Lower cost of operations
  • Robust command center and software tools to manage data

City Benefits

  • Less enforcement costs and responsibilities
  • Reduced risks and liabilities
  • More universal equity and access to all users
  • Less cluttered streets and sidewalks
  • Real-time control of the regulatory enforcement
  • Less nuisance to non participants
  • Operator tools enabled data mining and analysis

User Benefits

  • Safer user experience
  • More intuitive user experience with multiple ways to interact with scooter
  • User is less likely to be in violation of regulations resulting in fines
  • IoT gamification makes the experience more fun and enjoyable
  • Peer-to-peer reporting that helps improve the service

Who Should Use CLEVR?

Shared Mobility Operations

Shared Mobility Operations

Benefit from more efficient operations, less down time and more device options in the future.

Delivery Services

Delivery Services

Improve sustainability, speed of delivery, revenue and earning potential of drivers.

Who Should Use CLEVR?

Tourism & Hospitality

Tourism & Hospitality

Perfect for organized city tours, rental programs or to offer resort guests as an amenity.

Corporate & College Campuses

Corporate & College Campuses

Incentivize workforce to get out of their cars and use more fun and sustainable transportation on and around campuses.

Vehicle OEMs

Vehicle OEMs

Integrate electric scooters inside their vehicles as first/last mile options for their vehicle owners.