Our Solutions

Standard Vehicles

Cheap consumer grade devices​ Easy to break​ Easily stolen​ High maintenance costs​ Require frequent replacement​

CLEVR Vehicles

Made specifically for fleet and shared mobility use.​

Rugged construction – durable materials & components

No cables exposed

Locking hub motor

Anti-theft features – optional integrated lock, wheel speed counter equipped, secured battery compartment,

Smart Bluetooth connection

RFID enabled for use without smartphone

All connected to cloud for easy management on backend ERP​

Standard Nav

GPS accuracy of 30 ft – 100 ft​ Cannot locate devices reliably​ Tracking information not accurate​ No network control over device​


Solves the location accuracy
issue for operators.

​Device GPS location accuracy

Enhanced GPS that works when regular GPS doesn’t – big cities, parking garages, and tunnels ​

Real time geofencing control of devices

Network controlled top speed – sidewalks, pedestrian areas vs streets or bike lanes​

Designated virtual parking areas – app and device notify user when parked correctly or incorrectly​

Standard Power & Charging

Batteries don’t last long​ Must collect devices to recharge​ Expensive to pay others to collect and recharge​ Devices spend less time available to users​


Solves the charging issue for fleet operators.

Uses latest 21700 Lithium Ion technology – like the Tesla 3​

468 Wh capacity

> 25 Mile range for e-scooter​

> 60 Mile range for pedal assist e-bike

Easy to switch when battery is depleted

Cheaper operational costs to keep fleet charged​

Eliminate the time for recharging– devices operational 24/7/365

1 battery works for both e-scooter and e-bike

Safe and fully certified batteries, globally​

The App: CLEVR is Easy to Use

Our customer facing app and backend ERP can be white labeled by operators or curated access can be provided via API.​

Turnkey Mobile App

for both iOS and Android allowing for seamless user interface with all CLEVR enabled LEVs as part of a shared mobility program.​

Enterprise Partners

with fleets can use our robust command center to manage their operations, track their fleet of vehicles, and collect data from the field that can be shared with municipalities or other stakeholders and partners.

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